Friday, May 11, 2012

I can't believe it's almost over

 We said good-bye to the kids was definitely a down point of the trip that everyone felt. They had big puppy dog eyes and wouldn't stop hugging all of us; some asked for our autographs, and they couldn't get enough of taking pictures of themselves. They finally got to utilize the library for the first time, and man did they go insane. There were disheveled books all over the place when the bell to go back to class rang, but the point was that they were excited for knowledge. The kids kept saying that after we leave they weren't going to be allowed to use the library and that frustrated me because there are thousands of books that just collect dust on the shelves for no reason. The government send the primary school books that they never bother to pass out, and I don't understand why-it's like they don't want the kids to learn, and that bothers me more than anything. Onica said that she would make sure that the library is used, so I'm hoping that politics stop interfering with the children's learning. On another note, we went into Georgetown to walk around and shop, which was pretty interesting. We drove through the "ghetto" and had a glimpse of Guyana's "suburbia" and the President's house. Just like America, there is a clear distinction of classes. The people living in the not-so-nice parts of Guyana sold dog food just to make a living, and it didn't look like they had electricity; their homes were the size of an outdoor shed, and we were told to make sure our bags were on the floor. All in all it was a great day, but I can't believe that this trip is almost over with. I wish we could stay for longer; it seems like the Guyanese's slower pace of living makes me forget of all of my stresses back home.

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